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Winter Health Tips and Decorating Ideas

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People often complain about Mondays.  With a bit of planning, Mondays can be a great opportunity to start the week off strong.  Well, this Monday (Dec. 21st), Winter officially begins! And just the same, with a bit of planning, we all can have a strong (and healthy) season.  These Winter health tips and decorating ideas will bring the warmth in and keep the germs out.

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It’s cold outside!

This is the time of year when we have to put a bit more focus on our health. But, this goes for more than when we are outside. It’s important when we are in the comfort of our homes too.

As temperatures go down outside, we can find all of the window leaks inside. Those house drafts can be more than a nuisance. These quick and easy ideas will help you eliminate drafts and prevent heat loss. You’ll be more comfortable and save money too.

Weather proof your walls and around windows and doorframes. All year, the areas around windows and doorframes are subject to constant pressure from constantly being opened and closed. Little by little, the walls weaken and can crack.  This allows cold air to seep in.  Two simple fixes are to replace worn weather stripping around your windows and to seal wall cracks with caulk and a caulking gun.

You can inquire what’s best for your home at your local home supply store.  There are also a few energy-efficient window treatment options. You can use a plastic film to insulate your windows.  It lowers your heating bill and saves energy.  According to, they can even help to reduce heat loss up to 40%.

Another option is window shades.  Some are more energy-efficient than others.  With this option, you can choose a color palate with something more seasonal if you prefer.  Proper cleaning, care and storage will allow you to change out your window shades at the change of the season.  

Winter Indoor Time Can Be Special Time

During the Winter, when we are faced with harsh temperatures, rain, snow and difficult driving conditions, we will inevitably spend more time inside. In addition to these Winter health tips and decorating ideas, here is a Holiday Gift Guide with a list of 10 Must-Have Games for Family and Friends. Warm up with some fun and laughter. Get one for yourself and send one to a friend! And for everything else Home & Entertainment, you can shop for gifts by clicking here!

Create a Cozy Oasis in Your Home this Winter

Make your home a place you don’t mind spending extra time in. This is especially important during the Winter when the sun sets earlier and the days are shorter.  Whether you have a large home or a modest apartment, these tips and ideas will create that special, cozy feeling for you and your guests.

Start with a sofa throw. It will add a great decorative element to a room while it adds warmth. There are endless sizes and colors. You can choose a sofa throw by color to match your furniture or choose one with a more seasonal design that will blend with the look of your room. Sofa throws come in a variety of weights and materials. I keep one on my sofa and another in my ottomon which has a hidden compartment.  You can drape them over the arm of the couch or over the seat to create a stylish accent in the room.


Something in the Air

When it’s cold outside we turn up the heat inside. And, when the heat is on for hours or days at a time, it can cause the air inside the home to be very dry. This can have adverse effects on one’s health and comfort. Dry air indoors can cause sore throats, headaches, skin conditions and more.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix. You can create an atmosphere of comfort inexpensively.  To prevent or reduce indoor dry air, you can use ceramic radiator humidifiers. Whether plain or decorative, there are many shapes, sizes and styles. 

These little humidifiers get filled with water and hang directly on the radiator. If your home has central heat, you can place the containers anywhere. The closer to a heat source the better, so they will evaporate and add moisture to the air more quickly.

You can even add a scent to the water. Scents come in the form of drops that can easily be added. You can also use natural scents like cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans or sprigs of rosemary. A wonderful and relaxing option is to use a cordless humidifier equipped with mood lighting and essential oils.

Find Your Favorite Sweater to Stay Healthy and Cozy

One of my quick go-to indoor fixes during the Winter is a comfortable knit cardigan. I use mine so often during the Winter months, so I always keep one easily at reach. Perhaps leave one draped on your home-office chair

When we are sitting and working at the computer for long periods of time, it’s easy to forget to get up and move every so often.  Our body temperatures drop a bit as we are sitting still. Sometimes, I find myself suddenly with a chill. A sweatshirt, pullover or hoodie kept within reach of your workspace is a quick and easy fix. This, coupled with your favorite hot drink and some Vitamin C can help prevent a case of the sniffles too.

Get Up and Dance Your Way To Winter Health

It’s important to keep moving. Every hour on the hour, I make it my business to get up and move around. This helps me re-focus and gives me a fresh burst of energy. I often do what I call the “One-Minute Makeover.”  It includes 15 repetitions of four different movements. My favorites are: march in place, alternating side reaches, torso twists and alternating knee lifts. Sometimes I turn on the music and dance for a song or two.  No matter what you do, it’s important to move around and get your blood flowing each hour.  

With the added amount of time we spend indoors during the Winter, we can make it as beneficial as possible. These Winter health tips and decorating ideas are easy and inexpensive to implement. The positive results far outweigh the effort. The colder months can be a beautiful time, even if we can’t get out and do the things we usually do in better weather.  Have a safe and healthy Winter!

What other Winter health tips and decorating ideas have worked for you? Share with our community in a comment below. I love hearing from you!

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