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Just as they say, summer bodies are made in the winter, spring cleaning organization starts now too. These expert tips will help you get organized, so your spring cleaning will be a breeze. 

Many of you ask which products I use and recommend. This post contains some of my affiliate links for “making every day the best day” while cooking, entertaining and living life.  If you buy something through one of these links, you won’t pay a penny more, but I’ll get a small commission which helps keep the lights on. Thanks!

No Winter Blues Here 

The feeling of a clean home is comforting to those who live there and reassuring to those who visit.

Anyone else clean when they feel that their mind is cluttered?  Only me? Ok, fine. 😀

Naturally, we spend more time inside during the colder months of the year. And, since sundown is earlier, the days feel shorter. But now, the sunset is getting later day by day and it’s the perfect opportunity to get a head start on spring cleaning.  It’s time to see what you have and what you don’t need or no longer use.

Divide and Conquer

Make three piles.  

1. Keepers

2. Make Someone Else Happy

3. Thanks for Your Time on the Planet

The best is to take out two large garbage bags to put items directly into for transport.  An added benefit is that once you put something in the bag, it is out of sight.  You’ll have less emotional battle during the process.  However, if you prefer to make piles instead, that can work too.

Whatever you do, don’t take out more than it would take to put away if a friend suddenly called and said, “Hey, I’m in the neighborhood.  I’ll see you in 10 minutes.”

In other words, keep it manageable, and you won’t get overwhelmed.  

Spring Into Action

When we see too much in front of us, we can get distracted by memories, the dust or whatever else comes to mind.  The memories can take us completely out of our element and before we know it, 20 minutes has gone by reminiscing.  

Take out a small bit and get it done.  Just like taking small bites of food is healthier, so is this method of cleaning out and organizing your home. It’s important to stay positive. Often, sifting through items we haven’t seen or used in months (or longer) can set off negative thoughts like a switch. 

  • Look at this dust. Can’t I even keep my house clean?
  • How will I ever be able to fit into this again!
  • I’ll never get all of this under control!

Don’t even let that negative thinking begin. Let’s get back to our three piles.  Very quickly, go through as much as you can in ten minutes.  Sort the items between the three piles. Here’s my sure-fire method to make your spring cleaning organization worth every second and to get through it painlessly:

The “Keepers” – If you like it, use it and it makes you feel good, then it’s a keeper.  Everything else gets divided between the other two piles:

The “Make Someone Else Happy” pile.


The “Thanks for Your Time on the Planet” pile.

Remember, if it is an object, you can always take a digital photo of it.  This works especially well with school work or kid’s adorable handwriting in those 20 year-old workbooks. (Oh, just me again.  Ok!)

Eliminating what you truly don’t need (IOW, what you finally decide to let go of), will free up some physical space, and likely some psychological space too.

Now, if you’ve sorted those things and you feel like you can do more, go for it.  But remember, only take out 10 minutes worth at a time.  Use a timer if it helps. Everyone can do something for 10 minutes. You won’t get overwhelmed and the room won’t turn into a disaster.

Getting Organized Now Will Keep It Under Control Later  

Just read on and these spring cleaning organization tips will help you!

For storage, whether it’s seasonal clothing, shoes, or keepsakes like photo albums and personal items, I love using clear boxes on wheels.  I keep two shorter storage boxes filled with shoes under my dresser. 

You can see what’s in there without even opening it.  They are easy to wipe down and the wheels make it a breeze to move them from room to room or to slide them under the bed. 

Some boxes, I rarely open, like my Passover supplies storage boxes. I keep a list of its contents and a “To Buy” list inside the box facing out. That way, I can remind myself of what’s in there and what I need for the upcoming holiday without even having to open it.  This becomes very handy during Passover preparations, but we’ll save that for another blog post which you can read right here.


Kitchen Organization

Start in the cabinet that you use most often.  If that stained set of warped food containers with another 72 pieces that you rarely use is causing a daily struggle to get something out of the cabinet, then give it a “Thanks for Your Time on the Planet” and put it out to be recycled. Better to invest in a set of Rubbermaid containers with sizes that you will actually use.

Is your silverware drawer so heavy that its breaking the drawer glide? Perhaps you need a new clean kitchen drawer organizer.  As you are switching everything over or cleaning your current drawer organizer, look at what you actually use, and put only those items away.

One of my favorite things in my kitchen is what I have dubbed, “The Work Station.”  It’s a portable (and very narrow) kitchen cart that sits between my sink and my stove.  On it, I can easily get to my most used items like salt, pepper, olive oil, pot holders and trivets. But the most handy part is this is where I also keep my most used cooking utensils in a ceramic container that I picked up at a florist when I was getting some orchids (my favorites!).  It’s large enough to hold my set of silicon kitchen utensils and I have another for my wooden utensils, that clean up very well. 

The Work Station helps me keep everything organized and easily in reach while I am cooking.  It also helps me save water and avoid dry hands, since I don’t have to wash them each time I need to take something out of a cabinet or drawer.  (Tip: I always keep some hand lotion by the sink. Your hands will thank you for this).

Declutter to Make Your Spring Cleaning a Breeze

One of the places that easily gets cluttered is the bathroom.  Small bathroom cabinets quickly become packed with makeup and skin care products.  That nail polish color that you love that you haven’t worn in more than two years……say bye-bye.  Check your makeup for expiration dates or if it’s been open longer than the suggested length of time on the package, it’s time to get rid of it.

I have a front loading washer and dryer, so that I can make use of the top.  The washer top usually stays completely empty.  The dryer, which is in the back corner of the bathroom, is where I keep some supplies that don’t fit in a cabinet. My hairdryer, makeup bag, face cream and other items I use on a daily basis all stay there.  

The trick to keeping everything neat and clean is two clear plastic bathroom storage containers.  It makes it a breeze to wipe things down.  Instead of having to move a bunch of items, I can simply lift, spray and wipe.  

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Organization is Liberation

Shoes – Take a good look at what you’ve got and get rid of shoes that aren’t comfortable.  If you want to wear a certain pair, but always decide to wear the other shoes that aren’t as nice but are more comfortable, then you know it’s time to send them to the “Make Someone Else Happy” bag.

Jewelry & Accessories – Get a special accessory hanger to organize your jewelry & accessories. It will make getting dressed in a complete accessorized outfit every day much easier and more enjoyable. 

Or, get a set of shower rings to hook on the closet rod or a hanger.  Use it to store scarves, belts and your go-to necklaces and bracelets.

While you are at it, is that costume jewelry or men’s tie (which you hadn’t even seen for the last year) something that you forgot you even had?  Is that scarf nubby and itchy?  You know what to do! Quickly put that jewelry in the “Make Someone Else Happy” bag and stick that scarf in the “Thanks for Your Time on the Planet” bag. 

Younger nieces and nephews will enjoy those things, while you’ll enjoy a bit more breathing space.

Roll With It Into Spring

By the time spring rolls around, you’ll be in a much better position to get that spring cleaning done.  But you won’t have to wait for the benefits to kick in.  Each day, from now on, you will experience the joy of having a bit more space, less stress because it’s easier to clean and the positive feelings associated with getting good things done.

In 10-minute spurts of spring cleaning organization, you will be able to accomplish more than if you set out to do a complete overhaul, which never seems to get started. Stay positive and just keep imagining each room the way you want it, and before long, your spring cleaning organization will be something you look forward to.

What other tips can you share to get organized for the spring? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

6 easy kitchen organization ideas for small or large kitchens to motivate you. Get your kitchen in order and keep it that way!

Can kitchen organization ideas make a difference in your life? Does keeping your kitchen neat and organized help you feel like you have your life under control?  One thing’s for sure. These kitchen organization ideas will make your meal planning and prep easier and more enjoyable.

Many of you ask which products I use and recommend. This post contains some of my affiliate links for “making every day the best day” while cooking, entertaining and living life.  If you buy something through one of these links, you won’t pay a penny more, but I’ll get a small commission which helps keep the lights on. Thanks!

1. Cabinet Inserts to Double Space

This is perhaps one of my favorite tips and is at the top of my list of kitchen organization ideas for a good reason.  It seems one can never have enough space, especially in a small apartment like ours.  But, never fear! I’ve found an inexpensive and easy solution. These tiered shelving inserts double your space. Literally!

They are easy to put together and use. I think it took me longer to get the screwdriver from the toolbox than to actually screw the four little screws. (By the way, every woman should have her own basic toolbox. I keep mine under my bed, so I always know where it is and it is always handy when I need to make a quick fix. But that’s for another post!).

When ready, just stick them in the cabinet, and voila! You have twice as much space in your kitchen cabinet. I love them for my water glasses and coffee mugs, like pictured here. As an added benefit in my dishes cabinet, I use the space between the insert and the interior wall of the cabinet to stand up items like cake platters and other items that don’t stack well.


2. Ball Mason Jars Aren’t Just Beautiful

One could almost say that iconic Ball jars have come into fashion. The company has been making them since the late 1800’s and their brand has become a proprietary eponym, hence people referring to most mason jars by their name.  

Decades ago, they were commonly used for preserving foods in the Summer for use in the Winter when crops weren’t as abundant. I’ve been using them for many years because they serve so many purposes.  (Jarring your own preserves or marinara sauce is easier than you’d think). 

The inner ring and reclosable lid keep your food fresh because of their air tight seal.  Do you know how you can check to make sure they are sealed?  Press your thumb down in the center of the lid.  If the lid pops backs up, then your jar isn’t properly sealed. Do you know who patented these jars? Give a guess in the comments!

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3. Wicker Baskets for Kitchen Organization

Wicker baskets are great for keeping things neat and tidy because they come in all shapes and sizes.  The feature I love most is that they have holes to let air pass through, so my root vegetables, onions and potatoes stay fresher longer.

I also like to keep small baking ingredients in a wicker basket. I keep packets of baking powder, bottles of flavored extracts and jars of baking soda together, so I can easily grab it down from the cabinet while I’m baking.


4. Tupperware Everywhere!

Did you grow up with Tupperware in the house?  I sure did!  From the kitchen to the playroom, Tupperware products help keep your home sweet home organized and helps keep your kitchen and pantry items fresh.  There are some other reliable companies like Rubbermaid who make high quality products too.

When I am bringing a home-baked gift to a friend, I love to bring it in a Tupperware container wrapped with a bow.  The airtight container keeps my gift in one piece during transport and then it becomes a part of the gift itself.  Your friend will be grateful to have a new durable piece in the kitchen.  

Some of my favorite storage organization pieces are:

Premier Set, Bento Box, Multi Color Glass Set, Cereal Container and the Cake Server with a Handle.


5. Reaching the Greatest Heights in Your Kitchen

Keeping things organized is easier when you can see what you’ve got.  And, keeping the tallest items toward the back of a cabinet will help.  

Not everyone in your home will be as neat and tidy as you, so once in a while, you’ll have to reorganize things a bit.  It doesn’t have to be all at once.  When you go to grab a box of breakfast cereal, straighten up that particular shelf.  These quick fixes can often can be done in under a minute. In fact, when I’m faced with a task that I rather not do, I think about how long the actual task will take.  Oftentimes, it’s pretty quick from start to finish.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization
6 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Cabinet & Pantry Organized

6. No Laziness Here – An Organized Kitchen!

Let’s finish up my kitchen organization ideas with something for spices and other small items. A lazy Susan, a circular tray that rotates, helps keep everything within reach.  It will also help you keep things neat and clean.  You can just lift it up in one fell swoop and wipe down the cabinet, instead of having to take out (and put back!) many tiny bottles.

What are some tips and ideas that work in your kitchen?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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