Emergency Backpack Checklist

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An Emergency Backpack Checklist

Emergency Backpack Checklist

Download this emergency backpack checklist to make emergencies less stressful.

Many years ago, before my kids were even born, I created a bag to hold important items that would be easy to grab in case of emergency.  In an emergency, it would be highly unlikely to have the where-with-all to stop and think about what to take, let alone have the time to do so.

So, I created the emergency backpack.  I chose a backpack so that one’s hands can be free to do whatever else is needed.  In the emergency backpack, I keep important documents, passports, birth certificates and other things of that nature. 

It’s crucial that everyone in the house know where this bag is kept.  It’s also important that the bag be kept in a place that is easily accessible, preferably in a closet near an exit of the home. You may want to add to this list, but it will definitely get you off to a good start.

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