Shachar Banin, also known as the Rebbetzin Unplugged, is a Chabad Rebbetzin and Shlucha to Venice, Italy. She is an engaging speaker who will inspire your audience.

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Shachar Banin, the Rebbetzin Unplugged, shares her expertise and knowledge from decades of business management and culinary experience as a restaurant owner & chef, wife & mother and community leader to help others in “making every day the best day.”

She is a trusted mentor to people all over the world. Rebbetzin Banin is dedicated to helping people discover their unique talents and abilities by providing motivation, guidance and emotional support in both personal and professional development.

If you keep kosher and have been to Europe, it’s very likely you ate at my table. If you enjoy distinct dining and have been to the World’s Oldest Ghetto in Venice, it’s also very likely you ate my table. I’m so grateful to have met hundreds of thousands of you. And, I’m even more grateful that through tech, we can keep in touch.

My philosophy in my restaurant, my home and my community has remained the same all these years: ‘Make everyone around the table happy.’ Looking forward to welcoming you to Venice or to speak at your event. Be well, and like I always say, ‘Do your best today, you’ve traded a day of your life for it.

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